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Website Review

I can carry out a website review on your current WordPress website and tell you not only what will help your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but also provide the answers to many more questions you may have, such as “How do you get more traffic from Google?”

In my website review, I will check your website against a number of parameters and then suggest a series of recommendations.

So Why A Website Review?

The following are all possible reasons why you might choose to have a review:

  • When you created your website, or when you hire another designer/developer to design a new website, you or they may have only focused on the aesthetic part of the website and not on the structure and SEO
  • When you already have enough traffic to your website but no conversions
  • When you want to get more targeted traffic to your website
  • When you suddenly lost your traffic because of a Google penalty and want to know why and how to recover it
  • When you want to make more sales from your ecommerce store
  • When you want to get better results from your blogging efforts
  • When you want to improve your Google rankings
  • When you want to know what other channels you can useto get more traffic and exposure for your website
  • If you haven’t done a website review before and you want to make sure that your web property is fully optimised.


The areas covered in the review include but arenot limited to:

  • SEO (including keywords and phrases etc)
  • Customer Experience
  • Calls to Action
  • Clear Contact Information
  • Convenient Capture Pages
  • Website Structure & Design
  • The right things to catch the eye
  • Professional Tone
  • Colour Palette
  • Website Analytics
  • Keyword-focused blogs

Social Media

So why use a virtual Assistant?

You know we all need a hand sometimes but, for whatever reason, we tend not to ask.  You become overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks and your to-do list keeps getting longer.  Projects you want or need to do are at the back of the list. 

Essentially you are firefighting. 

Well, help is at hand.  I can help to free up your day so you can focus on the important aspects, like running your business.


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I’ll work with you to help your business dreams come true!

I can provide support for your business for as long as you would like!


I can write SEO friendly copy for your website


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