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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance essentially makes sure your website is checked regularly for any issues or errorsand is kept up-to-date. Lots of websites are left to their own devices which is never a good idea as it can cause major problems in the long run.  A healthy website ensures you continue to encourage traffic growth thus strengthening your SEO and Google rankings.  

Keeping a website up-to-date is as important for small companies as it is for big in order to attract and retainclients. When you are busy, it’s the last thing on your mind. However, it can lead to poor performance, 404 errors and more, all affecting the website’s core functionality. 

I design WordPress websites and 99% of my clients use my maintenance services. Mainly, it gives them peace of mind and it’s something they don’t have to think about.  I check a website’s performance, compatibility and plugins and ensure they are updated.

My website maintenance service includes, but isnot limited to, the following:

  • Check that all of your pages are loading without errors
  • Run a backup and make sure a previous version of your site is stored
  • Make updates to website software and plugins
  • Check that all of your forms are running properly
  • Remove any spam comments from pages and posts
  • Check your pages to see if there are any broken links
  • Search for 404 errors and fix or redirect
  • Check the load speed of your website and ensure that nothing is bogging it down
  • Review your security scans and make sure nothing is out of place
  • Update and enhance online content
  • Upload content such as blogs and/or downloadable material
  • Setting up integrations
  • On-page SEO
  • Perform security and malware checks
  • Take care of all those essential operational ‘behind the scenes’ issues.


If your website has not been designed by me, I recommend that you have a look at my other service website review as this can help to identify any weakness that needs to be worked on. 

So why use a virtual Assistant?

You know we all need a hand sometimes but, for whatever reason, we tend not to ask.  You become overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks and your to-do list keeps getting longer.  Projects you want or need to do are at the back of the list. 

Essentially you are firefighting. 

Well, help is at hand.  I can help to free up your day so you can focus on the important aspects, like running your business.


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