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Copywriting is a term that is often thrown around but what does it actually mean and how can it help you?

Well, in simple terms, copy is a written material and it is frequently used when talking about newspapers, books or magazines.  It is also used when talking about a website’s text.  Sometimes you can have a great looking website but the writing is weak.  Some people are under the impression that if they mention all the right keywords and search phrases then it’s job done.  They forget it has got to flow and have a certain amount of personality so the reader gets what you’re trying to say.  Yes, search engine optimisation is very important but so is readability. 

Copywriting for a website is more difficult than you might think. Get it wrong and you lose your reader and your brand comes across with all the personality of a goldfish.  Get it right and you are laughing, as they say, all the way to the bank.  Your website is your brand’s shop window. It’s not enough to have an attractive website if people are not engaged with the writing.

It’s time to call in the cavalry, someone who can make the writing on your website worth reading.  You need to hire a professional like me!

I have written text for all different types of websites ranging from technical articles to general blogs.  I tend to visualise and research what the client needs and how to go about it before actually putting fingers to keyboard.  At the end of the day, I want the text to convey what the client’s brand is all about.

Can copywriting improve my search ranking?

The answer is yes but it’s not all about using a ton of keywords! It is about crafting the right impression once someone has found your website. People are like butterflies when it comes to website browsing; they’re always looking for something interesting and if they don’t find it immediately, they’re off to the next website. The best way of making people stay on your site and for it to rank well, other than letting your personality shine through, is to make it useful and relevant within your respective category.

So why use a virtual Assistant?

You know we all need a hand sometimes but, for whatever reason, we tend not to ask.  You become overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks and your to do list keeps getting longer.  Projects you want or need to do are at the back of the list. 

Essentially you are firefighting. 

Well, help is at hand.  I can help to free up your day so you can focus on the important aspects, like running your business.


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From one page to eCommerce and everything in between!

Excel Spreadsheets, designing brochures, leaflets, presentations, copy writing and so much more!

I’ll work with you to help your business dreams come true!

I can provide support for your business for as long as you would like!


I can write SEO friendly copy for your website


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